Nike Air Max 90 Essential - Summit Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Essential Summit Blue

While looking for some of Nike’s quintessential must have sneakers, We decided that the Nike Air Max 90 needed to be included in the mix. The Air Max Summit Blue color palette meets the needs of many by offering classic touches with premium quality. The AM90 premium “Essential” edition is predominantly White — nylon mesh inlaid against leather wrapper. Of course, it will be available in our affiliate stockist stores.

air jordan x steel preview 1

Air Jordan X Retro Steel Preview

Set to release October 12th, the Air Jordan X Retro Steel OG makes it’s return to the market by maintaining the same clean and simple full grain white and black upper, similar terry lining, and steel grey fabric eyelets. The Air Jordon X Retro was last seen in stores in late 2005. The Air Jordan X Retro “Steel” will be available at select stockists including Sneaker Politics.

Reigning Champ Fall 2013 Lookbook 5

Reigning Champ Fall 2013 Lookbook

Offering a five image lookbook delivery, Reigning Champ Fall 2013 has released featuring a series of outerwear outfits composed of light, medium and heavyweight fleece/terry. The previews shows us that Reigning Champ Fall collection will maintain a minimalist color palette with varying shades of dusty and steel greys. Check out the lookbook yourself above and head to Reigning Champ online to purchase.

Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection 12

Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection

American Vintage inspired women’s knitwear brand Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection has been released to their cult-like following. Primarily based in Los Angeles, CA, the brand made a name for themselves by combining an amazing sense of style with an unsurpassed level in the quality of materials they utilized in every piece.

Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection 8 wildfox couture Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection 8Wildfox Couture Foxercise Collection exhibits the brands and founders spirit in each piece. Looking through the collection you will find that comfort and leisure are it’s primary goals, as the Foxercise collection pieces will showcase a woman’s natural beauty by simply dressing-down.

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Kutcher, Wrong for the Job(s)

This past Tuesday I hit a local AMC to check out the Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple co-founder. Needless to say, as an avid fan and user of Apple products – not to mention one who’s been quoted naming the house as the Playboy amongst its competitors – I was excited to see how director Joshua Michael Stern and scriptwriter Matt Whiteley would chronicle the casual story of a vision that would forever change the world.

Just to get things straight, I’m not a movie critic. I’ve never pretentiously toted the title of a movie buff either. I simply believe that a discerning eye is something intrinsic to the movie going experience, and along with the various Sour Patch assortments and Arizona’s I’ve managed to sneak into theaters across California, I always make it a point to bring one with me. So despite a fecal score from Rotten Tomatoes and the many bad raps I’d already received from my friends regarding the film, I still had to foster my own opinion.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Kutcher Jobs Kutcher, Wrong for the Job(s) o ASHTON KUTCHER AS STEVE JOBS facebook
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

But from its marketing engine to the way we all talked about it in the months leading up to a release, there was always an inbred, conceptual issue with the film that now more visibly premises so many of the material ones. I even used the language myself: “Starring Ashton Kutcher as (Steve Jobs).” In value, it’s less of a way of speaking than it is a peering into a priority of aims. It became clear after seeing the movie that Jobs was an imaginative work of the wrong sort, serving not only as a cinematic failure, but directly opposing Apple’s directional philosophy as well.

It’s no secret that Kutcher – much like the more academically decorated and achieved James Franco – is one of Hollywood’s boys next door. Girls fancy him, but he’s not heading their conversations alongside Ryan Gosling. His on-campus charm mingles in a space between curiosity and folly. Put simply, Kutcher is the type of guy who would play the stoner, dimwit role in a movie like Dude, Where’s My Car? and then go on to do something more “thinky” like The Butterfly Effect. Call him unconventional, young and alive, or anything of the sort, but then notice how much easier it becomes to call him Job-esque, even just for a second.

It’s widely known that like Jobs, Kutcher is a college dropout. Also considered a big investor in startup businesses and serving as a common face for the new wave in general, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Kutcher having a poster of someone like Steve Jobs hanging up in a past home.

Perhaps at some point these parallels also made it feasible to imagine the former “That 70’s Show” star portraying the Apple co-founder on the big screen, especially after his widely lauded speech at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. While accepting his award, it seemed that Kutcher wore the same gusto and freethinking flexibility that one would imagine a young Steve Jobs employed with his vision of Apple. However, it was this very image of Kutcher standing up at the podium and handing out verbal pamphlets of success which provided the framework for a surprisingly tasteless and uninspiring film.

First of all, Kutcher’s method-acting was unbearable. It’s one thing to act “like” someone in a game of Charades, but the symbolic value of a biopic film – especially one that traces the life of arguably the most regarded pioneer of the century – requires the lead actor to become the individual, and Kutcher simply missed the boat. He wanted to hunch himself and walk like Jobs, but it didn’t seem as though the “Punk’d” creator was willing to give himself up enough to carry out the singular mission of being Jobs as opposed to some hybridized version that included his own life objective of “thinking different”. Ashton Kutcher, under the direction of Stern and Whitely, rendered a film that uses a revolutionary name and brand only as an arena for imagining how Kutcher himself may have done things given his narrowly similar ambitions.

Apple’s success is largely due to a prolific ability to elucidate the relationship between self and technology, but Jobs as a product robs viewers of that rapport. The film begins with a fairly believable reinterpretation of Jobs’ unveiling of the first iPod in 2001, waffles back into his drug experimentation in the ‘70s, and then traces his ups and downs with the Apple brand through the ‘80s and‘90s. In theory, it seems Stern could have done the complicated life of Jobs justice given this outline and a 128 minute window, but no. Instead the scenes drive forward with the same drunken care and lack of attention to detail that first inspired the Apple drawing board. The in-character Kutcher is annoyingly preachy, without a single clip to give viewers insight into how the forward-thinking Jobs became that way. Lines such as, “I just can’t work for other people,” were as cheesy and overbearing as they were ungrounded due to underdeveloped role-play by Kutcher throughout.

However, I still wouldn’t put sole blame on Kutcher for this flop. The first finger has to be pointed at Whiteley for developing a script that forgot to deal with the why. He erred in thinking that a story so magical in its place in history would simply tell itself. He held a skeleton up to the big screen and gave viewers barely anything to look at, digest, and be moved by. For as much as the script estranged Steve Jobs’ character, much of the same can be said about the supporting cast. The surrounding characters seemed to have little function outside inciting opportunities for Jobs to be either revered or undervalued. But granted that there is no dialogue or interaction that could ever explain the inner-workings that constituted Jobs’ intriguing brilliance and personality, all we’re left with as viewers is Ashton Kutcher, his bare feet, and an erratic decision to invent the computer as we know it: roll credits.

It’s interesting having watched this movie and thinking about how unfairly we as inspired people take our heroes and belittle them down to ideas, doing away with the things that make them human. This movie was a personal dream about Jobs, consequentially alienating the real Jobs from the start. So call me crazy; call me a misfit; call me a rebel even, but I cannot stomach a film that picks up such a celebratory life and story only to plant it in such a barren and colorless place.

Gold iPhone 5s

Alleged New Gold iPhone 5S Surface

Gold iPhone 5s Alleged New Gold iPhone 5S Surface Alleged New Gold iPhone 5S Surface gold iphoneRumored to be a move to attract the “coal bosses” of China — a familiar picture many know and relate to the affluent members of society who have derived their wealth off of natural resources . Over the past few weeks images have been surfacing of a potential Gold iPhone 5S. We’ll keep you updated on whether there is any truth to a potential release of a Gold Apple iPhone 5S behind all the blah blah.


Herschel Supply Co – New Balance Fall 2013 Collection

Herschel Supply Co continues it strides in collaborating with like minded brands by sharing a heritage and goal of delivering high-quality, timeless goods. For the Fall 2013 Collection, Herschel partnered with New Balance Footwear to offer classic silhouettes combined with Herschel’s trademark touches.

Each piece in the Herschel Supply CoNew Balance Fall 2013 Collection is available in three monochromatic colorways including grey, burgundy, and a special army constructed combination of ripstop nylon, textured suede, and a reflective tape. Details on the 420 and H710 styles include Herschel Supply Co’s signature paisley lining, custom branding on the tongue and insole, a leather “N” logo and waxed laces.

Newly introduced this season is the Heritage NB backpack with a signature shoe pocket and custom paisley lining. Previously exclusive to the Novel duffel, the shoe pocket is ideal for storing New Balance styles separately inside the bag.

The Herschel Supply Co. x New Balance Fall 2013 capsule collection is available now at and at selected retailers.

Source: Herschel


Stussy and Herschel Supply Co Present The Dot Collection

Stussy and Herschel Supply have partnered together to bring us a classic sportswear inspired “Dot” fashion Collection. The working relationship between the two brands was developed through the mutual respect of the individual brands progressions, and grew through an organic conversation between the two creative companies.

From the beginning Stussy and Herschel Supply Co decided to take a disciplined design approach to each collection release. It has now become an channel for both of the brands to challenge the ideas and concepts that are beyond the total of their portions.

This allow the Stussy and Herschel Supply Co to tell a story through the fabric, texture, and pattern stories which have influences from heather fleece panels and contrasting polka dot prints from the early 60’s. The pieces are design to be modern in cuts but most importantly functional in it’s uses. This five piece fashion collection will take you from the gym to the office without a thought for a bag change.


The Inimitable TAG Heuer Monaco

There’s no denying that TAG Heuer are somewhat of a colossus in the world of watchmaking and they are one of the biggest and most respected brands in the luxury timepiece sector but this, patently, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of producing breath-taking yet understated watches as the utterly exemplary TAG Heuer Monaco watch above superbly illustrates.

Devilishly attractive, daringly designed and positively infused with automotive testosterone, it is little wonder that the TAG Heuer Monaco has become such a popular piece amongst motor-sport aficionados – particularly those with a soft spot for the Le Mans race in the French principality with which the timepiece has become utterly synonymous (after Steve McQueen wore one in the film, Le Mans).

TAG Heuer is famed for their automotive themed watches but few hold a candle to the Monaco collection when it comes to out and out style and luxury. Just a few of the more eye-catching features to be found with the exceptional Tag Heuer Monacotag heuer The Inimitable TAG Heuer Monaco ir t fashnerr 20 l as2 o 1 a B002AK2O34
pictured include:

  • 39mm Polished Fine-Brushed Stainless Steel Casing
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Automatic Calibre 12 Movement at 28,800 Vibrations Per Hour
  • Luxury Blue Alligator Leather Strap
  • Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass Front

Whilst this is just a few of its finer features, it certainly paints an impressive picture of just how luxurious and timelessly stylish the TAG Heuer Monaco collection truly is.

You can purchase TAG Heuer watches online on Amazontag heuer The Inimitable TAG Heuer Monaco ir t fashnerr 20 l as2 o 1 a B002AK2O34.


Kulture Shock Sweet Life

South Florida based Poe Boy Music Group premieres Kulture Shock – “Sweet Life”, through a series of events occurring in Miami, FL. Produced by The Oddictions, “Sweet Life” is a electric-dance-pop fun-filled, highly energetic song that embodies all the good things in life. The music video is directed, shot, and produced by Florida Film House, styled by Alessandra Gold and Michael Marchall, and makeup was of course done by Nina Arce of Nina’s Makeup. Kulture Shock‘s Sweet Life is currently available on iTunes.

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adidas Originals 2013 Fall Tech Super Pack

Adidas Originals returns with the super popular Tech Super Pack for Fall 2013. Instituting modern design updates to its 1991 classic designs, the new Tech Super Pack is a great blend of technical cues and luxurious necessities. Adidas Originals choose to maintain the nubuck leather and suede combinations that made the show popular in the 90’s era, but opted this time around to include various print styles such as varying camouflages and a nice snakeskin print. The Adidas Originals Fall 2013 Tech Super Pack is an amazing addition to the ever popular adidas lines.

The adidas Originals Fall Tech Super Pack is now available at adidas Originals Online and  retailers worldwide.

Source: Hypebeast


Anna Kendrick Cups (Jellosea Remix)

Originally making it’s first appearance in Pitch Perfect last year, Anna Kendrick Cups track has made some huge strides recently as it has climbed the up the Billboard’s Hott 100’s top 10 music tracks. Jellosea honors Anna Kendrick‘s accomplishment with this amazing remix of the song. Switching gears away from the original pop tone of the track, the Toronto based music producer transforms the jam into a rhythmic ballad that proves to be a worthy addition to your weekend playlist.

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Air Jordan 5 Retro Womens Cement Pink Raspberry

Nike releases a new Air Jordon 5 Retro Womens iteration which targets the female sneaker-heads of our society. The latest Air Jordan Silhouette, takes it colorway inspiration from the iconic World War II Mustang fighter plane, by exhibiting a cement grey upper accents with pink and purple details around the midsole, collar, and tongue on the shoe. Of Course the classic Nike Jordan logo and “23” finds it’s place on the side and heel of the sneaker in alternating cement and pink-raspberry colorways. You will be able to purchase the Air Jordan 5 Retro Womens Cement Pink Raspberry release at major Jordan Brand stockist around the world come August 10th, 2013 for $115 USD.

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