Oscars Deny Bansky?

Earlier this week Bansky, who is best known for his anonymity, learned just how fond the Oscars is of enigmas when his request to attend the event in disguise was denied. As for the reasoning behind the decision, Academy President Tom Sherak was quoted as saying: “If Banksy isn’t comfortable showing his face on the Kodak stage, then the Academy isn’t comfortable having him on that stage,” which is actually quite ridiculous.

If Bansky’s concealed identity is “discomforting” to the Academy perhaps they should not have nominated the British street artsist for best documentary, seeing as one of the biggest factors of his fame is his facelessness.
Not to fear though, there has been speculation that this whole predicament has been an elaborate PR push, which wouldn’t be too out of character for the brilliant Bansky. Also the spotting of a new Bansky in LA by none other than Lauren Conrad of The Hills seems to support this theory, making Bansky and Oscar fans alike all tingly inside.

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