Nujabes: Forever Loved & Infinitely Missed

Though it’s been a year since his passing, we will never forget Nujabes. His music shall forever stay engraved in our hearts and in our minds. R.I.P.

Next week marks the one year meinichi, or death anniversary (Japanese), of the legendary hip-hop producer and DJ. Nujabes, or Jun Seba as his friends and family call him, was a world-renowned hip-hop composer and arranger who was mostly known for his cool jazz influence, sampling songs from artists like Miles Davis and Yusef Lateef. Nujabes led an indie record label by the name of Hyde-Out Productions in Japan and was also a member of Urbanforest, an experimental production duo.

The famous DJ played an active role in the Japanese hip-hop community, collaborating with artists such as MINMI and Shing02 as well as American acts Cyne, Five Deez, and Substantial. Nujabes was also the main contributor to the soundtracks for the animated series Samurai Champloo, which is widely acclaimed for its blend of the feudal Japan setting and the modern hip-hop culture.

A video tribute to Jun Seba, released shortly after his death.

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