The Milo Project

Planning on visiting the Paris area? Beware of unidentified flying persons, all part of The Milo Project, a Parisian graffiti artist’s exploration into the realms of realsim as well as his full scale attack on gravity.

The Milo Project’s main objective is to plaster the streets of Paris with realistic mannequins that not only “defy gravity” but also assimilate themselves into the Paris landscape. “Amongst wandering entities, they represent the border between the concrete and the dream-like,” hanging from the sides of anything from skyscrapers to bridges. The artist builds mannequins with a strong concern for realism but at the same time disputes the concept by placing them in “imaginary” spaces, creating an effect that goes against everything you were taught in Physics. These solitary, faceless figures are creating quite a fuss on the streets of Paris, causing onlookers to question their surroundings, to blur the line between the real and the surreal, the possible and the impossible.

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