Looks like the next generation of G-Shock are coming a round early, with Casio Japan just previewing this low energy Bluetooth 4.0 smart phone compatible G-Shock. Building on the prototype the company released earlier this year at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show, the new sleek and sexy production model is designed to sweet talk your smart phone, it’ll have the functions of alerting you of incoming calls, emails and SMSs on the watches display screen ( The watch would be pretty handy if you’re stuck in a meeting where playing with your phone is a no-no ) and sync with your smart phone to automatically adjust the time as you travel. Can’t find your phone? Tried looking between the couch cushions? Don’t worry, your Bluetooth Casio will help you round it up by triggering a handy alarm. Set to drop in 2011 around an estimated cost of 200 use make sure to get yours at your local Casio store.

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