Kasabians At It Again.

Kasabian have revealed a series of new song titles off their upcoming album-rumored to drop sometime in 2011. Guitarist, Serge Pizzorno, has said that he wants the forthcoming album to emulate Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’. “Not necessarily the sound,” Pizzorno explained, “but ‘OK Computer’, as a record that just makes you go, ‘Wow’ [is the inspiration]. I want to aim for something that’s as incredible as that, just the feeling of being blown away that you get from that.”
The band have been hard at work on the new album since earlier this year, and have recently ventured off to San Francisco California to complete it with Dan the Automator, the producer of their last album ‘West Ryder Lunatic Pauper Asylum. Songs set to feature include ‘Switchblade Smile’, ‘Neon Noon’, Goodbye Kiss’, I Hear Voices’, ‘Shelter From The Storm’ and ‘Velociraptor’. Singer Tom Meighan described ‘Velociraptor’ to Q as “mega punk fucking aggression. Totally off the wall, but you know it’s us.” Serge Pizzorno followed with “Listening to the songs makes you feel great. Get your fucking jacket on, whack your fucking shoes on. It makes you believe things are going to happen.”

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  1. Kaven says:

    is there any chance there going to perform in Florida

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