Complex – Buyer Beware: The 20 Craziest Fake Kicks on the Internet

If you’ve never heard of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse LeBron James “Grinch,” don’t worry, neither have we. Its hard enough to keep up with the crazy names these sneakers come with, let alone the never ending releases of new versions and colors and celeb collabos. If you jump into the wide world of the interwebs, some more, rather suspect, kicks can be found in obscure online sneaker retailers. Sneakers with wacky designs and colorways have been surfacing on some of our favorite kicks for years. Your friend with the Burberry Blazers, for example, is one of a million that have fallen victim to these fakers. Complex thankfully has pointed out 20 of these ridiculous fakes, hopefully with the effect of guiding the world into a fake-free sneaker zone. Check it out here.


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