Washed Out- Within and Without

Two years after the debut of his first EP Life Of Leisure, Ernest Greene, nom de guerre Washed Out, is due to release his full-length album Within and Without , and to think it was all prompted by blogging hipsters.
If Life Of Leisure, recorded and produced in Greene’s bedroom studio, was able to gain both momentum and acclaim dispite it’s humble beginnings, one can only imagine the wrath Within and Without will unleash on the synth pop scene, especially since Green has recently signed with the label Sub Pop.
The good news is, you won’t have to wait too long because the album is scheduled to drop in a mere week on July 12th. The records nine tracks are awash with programmed beats, synthesizers, keyboards, and of course Washed Out’s trade mark sweeping multi-tracked vocals, establishing it as a must have for the summer months.

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