Nikon D4 DSLR Camera

Finally after months of teasing and rumors, Nikon has released their flagship D4 DSLR Camera, successor to the D3. Quoted as the ‘multi-media DSLR’, the D4 is equipped with an Ethernet port and up to 204k ISO range for low-light conditions.

Fine tuned for the professional photographer, the Nikon D4 has been made to react quicker, in approximately 0.012 seconds of start-up time so you’d be ready to shoot with a 91,000 pixel RGB sensor. It also boasts the Advanced Multi-Cam 3500 AF autofocus system that has proven, in previous cameras, to be able to deliver quality results.

The D4 also records videos in HD at 1080 pixels, in B-Frame data compression methods so as to maximize storage space. Simultaneous viewing can be achieved by using the camera’s HDMI port to display directly onto the monitor.

Packing all the requirements, and more, of a professional DSLR camera, the Nikon D4 will reach stores early this year at a staggering price of at least USD$5999.

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