The Future of DJing by Native Instruments

In the past decade or so, we witness one of the biggest turn of events from the DJing scene. As technology develops even further, so did DJing. From turntables to CDs, from CDs to USBs, and from USBs to dedicated digital vinyl systems. The industry has evolved in terms of both music and how music is delivered. Nowadays, It is already a staple that every DJ booth has an audio interface to connect the hi-fi music equipment to a laptop computer. That music is controlled, mixed and manipulated by a laptop computer through a dedicated software. None, has made more impact than Native Instruments‘ very own Traktor Pro. Last year, the aspect of DJing has been push even further.

By introducing a sequencer into the setup, the concept of DJing is no longer a mixing and transition of “Track A” with “Track B”. With the sequencer, the artist will be able to reconstruct a track to his liking in real time. Layering loops, loops, loops and more loops on top of a playing tune. The state of DJing has never been the same since. Artists and DJs alike are scrambling for the best sequencer hardware and software combo. But linking those sequencers to the digital vinyl systems has been quite a chore. Hence, the Maschine was born.

Almost, every other Artists/DJs who embraced the digital era of DJing are using it in sync with Traktor on their live sets. Truly, a remarkable feat by Native Instruments to transform the entire DJ industry in just a short span of time, from standalone softwares all the way to full hardware and software setup. A perfect marriage of technology and music, and this is simply the beginning. The team at Native Instruments is again cooking something up for 2012 that would probably be the next generation standard in club scene all around the world. The guys from Pioneer must be scratching their heads just watching this video, cause this is the future.

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