Thrasher: Most Jaw-Dropping Skateboarding Images of 2011

As usual in the transition to a new year, this is the time for compilations and best-of showcases bringing together the most interesting highlights from the recently finished year. Case in point, the exciting collection featuring the most impressive pictures published during the year of 2011 in conjunction by Wired Magazine and Thrasher, which together have ran in excess of ten thousand pictures during the entire year. After extensively choosing only the finest, most action-packed snapshots published both in their on-line and print editions, the photo editor at Thrasher has picked the selected few that evoke feelings of “maximum rad”.

If you’re interested, you can see the entire collection at the official website. Suffice to say, the strength of most of these pictures does not derive from their technical polish, but rather from the raw subject matter caught up on film. Maybe these aren’t the most impressive photographic compositions, and maybe the lighting isn’t always perfect; what’s really striking about this collection of pictures is the amazing moves and the blazing fast moves which have been caught on tape by some of the most skilled photographers in the skating scene.

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