Formula 1 McLaren Team First to Unveil 2012 Car

McLaren team set the pace as the first front-running team to show off their 2012 car for the up and coming 2012 Formula 1 season that will start on Melbourne on the 16th of March. The new MP4-27, a car that closely resembles last year’s car MP4-26. Not much difference visually can be seen with the minor exception of a tighter rear body work that is a result of the new regulation changes from FIA.

As much as most F1 fans are into, there is no¬†noticeable¬†difference from the car and in terms of race pace is, only the people from McLaren will know. Ferrari and Red Bull, McLaren’s closest competitors will be unveiling their 2012 machine next week. So stay tune to for more. We now leave you with another eye-popping photo of the chrome McLaren MP4-27.


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