From Mac OS X to simply OS X

I believe we’ve all seen the sneak peek on the latest installment of the OS X, the Mountain Lion. New features after features are being added, most of which are functionalities taken from the iOS mobile operating system. Rich features such as Messages, Notification Centers, Automatic Notes Syncing and more will be added to probably one of the best operating system out there. Yet, there is one change that most of Mac users should be concerned about. It appears that Apple is gonna drop the Mac from the “Mac OS X” name altogether. The operating system would simply be called, OS X. Just like the iOS for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. The dropping of the name, clearly shows the move to one day, completely blur the line with iOS and OS X systems. I’m not saying that the iOS and the OS X would be one and the same in the near future, it would probably pointless to be if dedicated laptops, desktops and tablets still exist. That is, until the the two technologies are almost completely identical. That being said, the move by Apple is unprecedented. By integrating the iOS into the OS X, Apple will be able to create a seamless transition between the two systems by integrating the iOS experience into the laptops and desktops of today. Thereby officially signaling the convergence between mobile operating systems and full fledge operating systems. A path made known since the development of the OS X Lion in the Back to Mac event years back.


(via CultofMac)

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