With Linsanity continuing to rise, Nike deal rumored

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv3eJfW1h1U&w=620&h=345]


If you haven’t heard the latest news coming from the wide world of sports, take a quick look at the video above.

Jeremy Lin, the 23-year-old Knicks’ point guard, who emerged from¬†anonymity last week against the Nets, has taken the world by storm with his dominance of the game and the Knicks sudden winning streak.

It is truly nothing short of dominance. Through Lin’s first 5 starts, he has more points than other player, beating the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

Not only is Linsanity full-blown on the basketball court, but MSG stock is at an all-time high, Modell’s is spewing out Lin gear like hotcakes and Lin is blowing up social media.



Now, Nike is rumored to be making the next move. According to Counterkicks.com, an exclusive Jeremy Lin is coming soon. Lin has been  mostly rocking the 2011 Nike Hyperfuse low, but he may officially be hitting the big time with a signature shoe.

After being cut by the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets earlier this season, to sleeping on his brother’s couch. Today, Lin is the biggest story in sports, and he’s set to be a very rich man this summer.

If you haven’t tuned in to a Knicks game lately, check them out tonight as they face the Sacramento Kings at 7:30.

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