A Drake Blog Post That Is Not About Drake…

Boy bands are back… and they’re online.  Okay, not really.  But if they were, it would look something like this.  The singers are Josh Lehman, Jeremy Passion, and Daniel de Bourg.  And they are the reason I will now listen to Drake.

A friend showed me this a few days ago and I actually had a tough time finding it.  Turns out hundreds of people cover this song.  But nothing like this.

The awesome thing about this collaboration, besides the vocals, is that they’re all from different parts of the world.  Hence the FaceTime-esque recording.  Daniel’s from the UK, Jeremy from San Francisco, and Josh from Ontario.  And they’re all making waves happen beyond Youtube as well; living the dream, singing and traveling the world.

Wanna veg out over more videos?  Check out the rest of their stuff:
Josh’s Youtube
Jeremy’s Youtube
Daniel’s Youtube 

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