Elizabeth Olsen To Star in the Remake of Oldboy

Elizabeth Olsen, previously seen in the indie film Martha Marcy May Marlene (some great acting, but in the end a pretty average film), has been offered a role in the remake of Korean masterpiece Oldboy, states Collider. Yes, she is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and no, she’s not a terrible actress. In fact, she seems very promising.

What seems less promising is the remake itself, which will probably be directed by Spike Lee, a pretty weird choice. Even worse, a ton of actors have already said no to star in the movie, among others Christian Bale, Clive Owen and Colin Firth. The great Josh Brolin has apparently already said yes to the lead role, but there seems to be problems finding anyone to play the villain. I’m a little worried for the future of Olsen, as she’s already starring in a remake at the moment, the originally Uruguayan horror flick Silent House.┬áBut we’ll see what happens. If you haven’t already seen it, definitely check out the original Oldboy by Chan-wook Park, a great film about a man who suddenly gets locked up for 15 years without knowing why.

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