Harry Winston Opus 12

Harry Winston Opus 12

The yearly watch exhibition called Baselworld would not be complete without another Opus from Harry Winston. The new Opus or the Opus 12 has officially been unveiled in Baselworld 2012. Another masterpiece from yet another collaboration with expert watchmaker, Emmanuel Bouchet. We’ve seen watches a plenty from Basel, pieces that inspires heritage and iconic models from the past and pieces that are infused with modern technology to move the industry forward. But there are watches that can do both and the Opus 12 is one of them. As with all Opus watches, the Opus 12 has a dial that is mesmerizing to look at. Confusing, yet mesmerizing, to see the micro-engineering behind the piece at a single glance is indeed a trait worthy of the Opus line. It is said that the Opus 12 was inspired from the Copernican revolution; namely the inner point remains stationary and the outer point rotates around at a fixed speed. So enough about history, how does that this thing works? Perhaps words cannot describe the beauty of the movement, I’ll let the video do the talking and show you what true haute horlogerie is all about.

Jaw dropping isn’t it? The piece is sized at 46mm and with a white gold case. Harry Winston will be offering more variants of the piece including one with diamonds. The piece will be limited only to 120 pieces and as with any Opus watch can be, the watch will cost ya. The piece will retail at around 260,000 USD.  Visit the Harry Winston website for more information.

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