Jeremy Lin signs endorsement with Volvo: Too much, too late?

Jeremy Lin has reportedly signed an endorsement contract with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. The numbers and intricacies of the deal have yet to be released but the New York star can look forward to being the new face of Volvo’s marketing campaign. This deal begs the question is this endorsement too much too late?

There is no denying the talent that Jeremy Lin has. Averaging 14 points 6 assists and 3 rebounds for the Knicks as a  starter he has proven to be more than the savior  New York has asked for. Nonetheless one can only speculate that the team has dark days ahead of them with leader of the helm Mike D’Antoni resigning. If one of the best offensively minded coaches can’t contain a roster packed with some of the best offensive talent in the NBA where are the Knicks really headed?

Unfazed by the fame Lin seems to be dealing with the new found stardom relatively well. The collected 23 year old refuses to flinch to nagging questions during press conferences and frequently takes the blame for a loss when he and his fans know he could have performed better. Surely this is the trophy spokesman any company would want for their brand but is the endorsement passed its prime? With the Knicks fairly below .500 and the Linsanity buzz at its lowest metric reading since the golden child graced the hardwood we have to wonder if the celebration is over. Can his performances be sustained and his success continue or will he be the silhouette of a star that once was with endorsement deals for companies who were victim of the moment.

It might be public assumption that the Lin craze has dimmed  and threes nothing to fuss about anymore but this endorsement could not come at a better time. Lin on the verge of losing his starting spot, new coach Mike Woodson, and a struggling record are all propellants in Jeremy Lin’s quest to resurrect the defunct Knicks. What a better time to pick a star who is slated to propel a struggling to team into the last playoff spot in their conference and muster a last few regular season wins to excite a city which will only increase his buzz and the legitimacy of the marketing target. Getting the Knicks into the playoffs will once again make Lin a household and cover of newspapers everywhere. Volvo couldn’t have picked a better person to reinvent their brand. Perfect Timing


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