Kid Super Interview

Kid Super Interview

After seeing appearances of KidSuper clothing from Mac Miller, Billboard and Karmaloop.com this brand is moving its way up in the street culture world pretty quickly! The young designer Colm takes a moment out to tell us about the brand- high school days, blowjobs and going to clubs in sweat pants… Sweet.

How did you start your brand?

I went to Brooklyn Tech High School, which is pretty specialized in math and science and didn’t have many art class, so a couple of friends and I started designing t-shirts. We had a company called BOTS (Brick Oven T-Shirts), which will always hold a special place in my heart ha-ha! We printed about two shirts, got some support from kids in our high school, but we broke up due to all the usual problems. I didn’t want to stop making shirt, it became a thing I kept constantly thinking about and designing for. So I went through about 4 company names, which all didn’t really work and then I was on AIM chatting with my friend Demir talking about rap names ha-ha! I was like l always wanted to be a superhero, so I said superkid, he wrote kid super, then I wrote KidSuper. And I think we just both knew, It had to be KidSuper. Demir gets tons of credit for flipping those two words.

What were your intentions for KidSuper?

I’ve always wanted to stay a little kid forever. The whole idea of acting mature and getting a real job I don’t think is anyone’s goal in life. I hit puberty like yesterday so I was always the little goofy kid… fucking around. So I wanted to spread that idea I guess. The idea that everything to you when you’re young is bigger, better, more awesome than it is when you are old. I also wanted to show that anyone can be a superhero. Anyone can do whatever they want. Live. Life. Super.

Would street wear be in tune with your collections?

Absolutely, KidSuper has always been street wear. It’s what I wear, it’s what I know. I don’t know how I could design stuff that I don’t wear. Maybe one day. Also I think street wear, especially NYC street wear can literally be anything… blending high fashion with hand-me-downs.

What’s new happening for you?

Meeting new people that are doing cool stuff, getting inspired by these new creative people, more Facebook friends ha-ha and … umm blow jobs.

Kid Super Lookbook

When people see your brand what should they expect?

I want there to be a certain quality and intimacy with the brand. I want the customer to feel as if he knows me and knows how hard I worked to make a design that know one else has made or thought of. I also want people to know that they are a part of the whole ‘Super Movement’ and can come up to me and talk as if I was there best friend. I hate other brands that you walk into their store and they think they are too cool to talk to you.

What inspires you?

Things that I see around me that for some reason pop. I always take notes. My phone and computer are filled with pictures of random stuff that I think would be awesome on a shirt. More specifically I love old French posters and I love the Beatles “Lucy in the Sky and Diamonds” music video, watch it you will know what I am talking about. Also living in NYC you see fashion trends before anyone else, it’s like a sneak peak to what’s going to be cool in a couple months.

How old are you?

I am 13 … I mean 20. Wow that’s mad old… don’t tell anyone!

What is your creative outlet do you have a muse?

You know when you get that weird feeling in your stomach when you don’t know what you’re doing in your life and you start thinking of all the problems in the world and unanswerable questions, I start drawing and doodling and I feel better. So whatever that is.

When will you consider your life being successful?

When I get rejected from a club wearing sweatpants and I say “Do you know who I am “and then they let me in ha-ha!

What is your vision you want the world to see?

I do not understand why we haven’t developed as a species in order to have, on a large scale, world peace. Humans can build spaceships, contemplate life after death, perform heart surgery, but can’t come to a world-wide consensus that war is wrong. But then the politics of it all… who knows… where we will end… I just want to spread the positive vibes of child-hood, promote creative, and love life and everyone around me.

Where can we find KidSuper?

www.KidSuper.com and maybe some stores coming soon.

Anyone to thank or “shout-outs”?

Thanks to my parents for still being little kids always, goofing off with me and supporting me no matter how silly. Shout-out to Demir for being my right-hand man ha-ha, to Shomari, to Travis for talking a lot, Danny Fein for working mad hard for all of this and Shout-out to anyone who has ever bought KidSuper.

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