Nike+ Fuelband: Sold Out On First Day

On Wednesday, February 29th, Nike released a limited supply of their sexy, new Nike+ Fuelband’s.  And sold out.

And for those wondering what the heck it is, the Nike+ Fuelband tracks your physical activity throughout the day.  Similar to the other products in the Nike+ series, your Fuelband activity is meant to be shared online to encourage competition and fitness.  Or you can simply wear it as a fancy watch.

The wristbands went on sale at 5PM EST and were gone in less than an hour.  There was also a Pre-Order sale on January 19th – which also sold out.  Whether this is a clever marketing-ploy or lack of resources, the Fuelband has definitely reached hot, unattainable item status.  The @NikeFuel Twitter feed is literally streaming hundreds of apologies to empty-handed customers.

If you’re looking to get one for yourself, stay tuned here.  Or if you were lucky enough to get one, tell us if it’s worth the $149.

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