Nike opens up Nike Fuelband API to developers for music hacks

Nike opens up Nike Fuelband API to developers for music hacks

Nike recently released a soon to be staple product among athletes the Nike fuelband. In a partnership with startup Backpane Nike will open a beta version of the Nike Fuel API: the software behind the Nike fuelband for developers who are looking to combine music with the Fuelband. The event hosted at SXSW along with Backpane’s music hackathon will feature judges with the likes of  President of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Jay Brown, along with reps from Spotify, Pandora, and SoundHound.

The fuelband was designed to help athletes and non athletes alike to keep track of movements and exercise while setting personal fitness goals.  The Nike fuelband gives a new meeting to the term personal fitness trainer. Allowing you to check your progress on your mobile phone Nike puts personal accountability at your fingertips. Adding music to the equation from will make many non believers interested giving the fuelband a chance allowing them to workout while listening to their favorite tracks.   Nike always finds a constructive way to innovate, they might have a gem here with the Fuelband.

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