Hawke & Dumar Co.; Looks For The Originals

Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz and Wale have all been sporting the classic American style from the brand Hawke & Dumar Co.. The customs goods are carefully crafted to pay homage to the fore fathers of classic American style while creating futuristic ideas to remain encompassed by mankind. They are extremely committed and work hard to ensure customers that each piece will be seen not just as fashion, but also as an individual canvas with intent to enhance life.

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I personally got a chance to go to the showroom, pull and browse their new Spring ’12 collection. And I must say, we are in for a fashion curve ball! Each item is able to enhance every male figure, project a structured relaxed feel and each piece smells as though it was just stitched! I love everything I seen, and understand why Wale will be sporting their signature HDC Football Varsity Jacket  in his new video featuring Lloyd-Sabotage.

Check out the new Hawke & Dumar Lookbook.


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