Louis Vuitton Cup Collection 2012

I’ve always loved the fantasy in fashion. You can dress up, become whoever or whatever you want to. Clearly the good folks at Louis Vuitton love playing dress up as well. The Cape Cod realness they served up in the latest Cup Collection is a far cry from the houses history of fine Italian tailoring (did anyone else get an early 90s Nautica vibe?), but it is just as sharp and precise. Inspired by sailing culture, this collection puts as much emphasis on utility as it does on aesthetic. The pieces featured are water and salt resistant, and are comfortable to move in. But let’s be honest – we probably won’t be sailing anytime soon in this collection. Luckily, it is perfectly street ready. Featuring a range of outerwear as well as watches, dufflles, and glasses to fill out the accessories, this collection can fit nicely in any urbanite’s wardrobe. Check out more looks below.

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