The Making of the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Oak

Since 1972, the Royal Oak has been the epitome of luxury sports watch industry. In fact, it revolutionizes the whole sports watch industry and raise it up to the standards of luxury. Inventing a whole new category of fine wristwatches. It was a feat so incredible that even the likes of Patek Philippe went ahead with their own version of the said piece. 40 years later, the Royal Oak has yet again capture the hearts of watch fans around the world. Unveiling its 40th anniversary edition of its timepiece by going back to its roots and at the same time modernizing the piece without bastardizing it.

The released was so well regarded that Audemars Piguet has started its own tour across the globe of their latest and greatest pieces. The folks at Audemars Piguet will be travelling to different cities around the world, namely New York, Milan, Paris, Beijing, Singapore and Dubai. Folks around the said cities or near them should definitely visit the exhibition. It would be an event worthy of the Royal Oak name. In case you won’t be able to go, I leave you with the video above to see what’s it all about.

40 years apart and people are still loving it. This is what we like to call “timeless”.

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