Zynga acquires Draw Something maker OMGPOP

Acquisition day has arrived. Hide your designers, hide your developers everyone is being acquired today. Making sure Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram does not steal headlines, Game powerhouse Zynga acquires the makers of popular app Draw Something, OMGPOP. The popular drawing app has seen over 30 million downloads in the past month and continues to see growth by the coming days. The purchase is slated to have gone for 210 million in which employees will be absorbed by Zynga.

To make this acquisition even sweeter OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter made it a priority that before the acquisition went through to rehire all the recently laid off employees in time to exercise their options. If there was ever a quintessential team player startup this is it. With popular apps like Words With Friends and Farmville, Zynga seems to be boasting industry dominance quite impressively. The game giant can surely has some great days ahead.

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