Beastie Boys Sales Raise 1235%

Okay, we all saw this coming following the tragic death of Adam Yauch this week. But, did we really expect this much of an increase?

The Beastie Boy’s sales have increased a rather substantial amount of 1235%, with their debut album “Licensed To ill” landing the No.18 in the chart. Several of their other albums have entered the top 200. That’s an increase from 4000 copies a week to approximately 55,000 copies per week, can’t be bad for the remaining members you’d think? Well, you may be wrong.

One day before MCA’s passing, the trio was attacked with a lawsuit by Record Label Tuf America, claiming copyright infringement from sample’s used on their first two album’s, before sampling laws came into effect. If they succeed in court, then it’s Tuf America that will be reaping the benefits.

Do you think it’s fair, I certainly don’t, especially 20 odd years onwards. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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