Hi-Definition Time by HD3 Slyde

We’ve seen the rebirth of mechanical watches at the start of the 21st century. When back in the 90, the concept of cool in terms of wristwatches were to wear the digital ones. Offering more reliability, accuracy, features and functionality at a price that is insane in the eyes of mechanical watchmakers. Insane in the sense that it is impossible for mechanical pieces to make pieces as functional and as cheap. Hence they gave up and went completely in the opposite direction. A direction of which luxury is attained. We all know what happened after. Mechanical horology has never been as flourishing as before. With people marking the second decade of the 21st century as the rebirth of thr golden age of horology. With this, is it then suffice to say that there is no room for the digital pieces for the luxury market. The answer is no. A big no perhaps as the folks at HD3 would argue. This is perhaps a whole new category of luxury watches, in which they would call them “a digital complication”.

I give you the HD3 Slyde. Created by Swiss designer Jorg Hysek, Slyde is a whole new concept in which time is viewed. Combining the elegance of luxury mechanical watches and depicting them in the way the modern time is read – through a digital touch screen. Yes, I know, digital screen watches has been around for years, and yes again that touch screen watches has been invented way back. But it is through the HD3 Slyde that we can simply view time the way it was suppose to be, mechanical levers and gears on entirely a digital platform. Furthermore, the HD3 Slyde gives you the ability to swipe through its screen to view the time on a manner to your liking. Simply means that the screen is fully customizable, giving you the illusion of owning multiple pieces on a single watch.

With a fully customizable Slyde watch, ranging from digital display to virtue mechanical display, the possibilities are endless. With a authenticity mark that the piece is “Swiss Made”, the HD3 Slyde offers nothing but luxury. Can we say this is simply Hi-Definition Time.

The piece comes in either steel, titanium, black steel and full black (PVD titanium) designs. A domed sapphire touch screen powered by an electronic movement – a fancy way of saying this piece is digital and not a quartz piece. The watch comes with a full 3.8V lithium battery and can be charge via a USB socket at the case back. It comes with black rubber strap with the option to go full luxury with a leather one. The screen is a capacitive TFT touch screen, similar to the iPhones of old and is water resistant of up to 30 meters. It’s a digital watch in its purest mechanical form. Preserving the art of horology on a digital platform or should I say a digital complication in what we call Hi-Definition Time.

Hit the official HD3 page and the teaser video below to get a glimpse of this digital marvel. Heck, even the Russian President can’t resist to have one. Prices starts at $5,000 per piece.

Medvedev with his very own HD3 Slyde. He’s a cheeky one.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9GTkImEwQ?rel=0]


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