If you need only one digital watch, make it a Protrek

I’ve been writing a lot about digital watches the past week or so. With staple giants such as the likes of Casio G-Shocks and the jaw-dropping and eye-popping HD3 Slyde to finish off last week’s digital watch craze. But think of this, the digital watches of today were either for fashionistas who once a new piece every now and then, cause they’re simply insanely cheap compare to their mechanical counterparts, along with the convenience of usage and repeatability of it. Other than that, most digital pieces were mainly used as secondary pieces, that are use for workouts, beaches, biking and the likes. But have you evered wonder if there might simply be piece that fits all? Not only for mere workouts, but full fledged hardcore adventurer stuff? Wonder no more, cause that’s what the Casio Protrek line is all about.

Introduced by Casio back in 1994, the Protrek line (Initially coined as the Pathfinders) has been aimed specifically for true adventurers – mountain conquering individuals. It is not simply a piece that was built to withstand extreme environments, but also a piece that can very much prove useful on a life or death situation. The Protrek line is packed with features and complication. Every single piece of information or data that may or may not be useful can be accessed in just a few clicks on the pushers. It includes thermometers, barometers, altimeters, tidal graph, moon phase, and even a built in digital compass through Casio’s innovative double LCD display. The features are so vast that it is simply impossible to find a use for them all. That being said, the piece is extremely versatile for almost any situation, like a Swiss Knife version of a watch.

The watch comes in both all digital and ana-digi variants with a choice of resin band (which is familiar for G-Shock users) and a full titanium band. You have got to admit, though after wearing the Titanium version on the wrist, the lightness of the piece is surreal. It is extremely light, that if it weren’t for the huge case, you barely notice it there. I got some live shots of the piece below. Coming from a Casio G-Shock Rise-man, the Protrek-240 feels right at home. One can simply imagine that most of the features if Casio pieces including G-Shocks may have been derived from the Protreks. Simply a digital piece that has everything. If it weren’t for the huge size (55mm diameter), this would’ve been an instant purchase. But for those folks into the big wrist presence or has big hands and is looking for an all around watch, this is it! Aim for the titanium band ones, they are simply awesome. Prices starts at $350.

Now I just wish the folks at Casio would start putting them titanium construction in their G-Shocks.

Official Protrek Website

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