Lucky 88 for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece

Recently, at the Antiquirium auction, one extremely lucky person went home with the coveted Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece for  40,000 CHF ($42,500 including buyer’s premium). What made this timepiece so special is because this is one of the original A-series Royal Oak that had the AP logo above the 6 o’clock position. Meaning, this piece goes back to its roots as one of the first ever created Royal Oak in history back in 1972. To further up the ante, the piece bears the label at the caseback with the number “88” which means it was the 88th Royal Oak in history.

Some of you may know that the number “8” has always been known to be a lucky number among Chinese, and with the rising luxury market from China, it’s no wonder this piece was purchased at a price that far exceeds the current market price. To have an A-series Royal Oak alone is enough to get watch nerds blood rising, adding an 88 at the back will probably pose a heart attack for a certain Chinese collector.

Audemars Piguet celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak this year with a redesign if the famous piece and an exhibition of their history.


Photos courtesy of Hodinkee

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