New G-Shock Riche Black Collection for May 2012

Every month, we seem to be getting new color variations to the vast G-Shock collection of digital watches. There is no doubt in our mind that the Casio G-Shock revolutionizes the whole indestructible watch category and doing so made the G-Shock probably the most popular Japanese made watch in history. With popular demands on the extra large pieces from the Ana-Digi line, along with a cult following from the Master of G series of watches, particularly the Frogmans.

The G-Shock watches offers just about every watch for every occasion. Even a certain watch collector or watch nerd will probably own one or two. Some of which dedicate their watch nerdiness to solely collecting G-Shock pieces. A sign which clearly shows Casio’s dominance on the digital watch market. This month, we got some refreshing new colors from the G-Shock Japan page. Why Japanese page you ask? Well, let’s just say the Japanese has a way of working their business to always offer the new ones in the Japanese market first before spreading them around the world. Some of which don’t even show up in the international market, like the stunning MR-G watches, partly because Casio doesn’t believe the international market would be willing to shell off big bucks for a Casio piece. But perhaps, in the near future, we might get to see one in our local AD.

In any case, the new lineup prove to be as colorful as ever. I won’t be posting all the new pieces for May, but I would gladly offer you some of my favorites from the group. First one from the Ana-Digi line, the GA-200BW. This is a new color variation from the GA-120 collection, with a jet black bezel and strap color, in a stainless steel, and a silver dial inspired from the disc brakes of a motorcycle. The color scheme looks stunning, from a perspective of a person who adores mechanical pieces, the new color is spot-on. A less trendier color as some G-Shock fans would say but it just oozes with quality for a watch built to withstand anything. Expect to see this piece carry all the standard functionalities of a G-Shock piece; stopwatch, world-timer, 20 bar water resistance, LED light, shock resistant, full auto calendar and may more. Sadly though, as it always was for the GA series, tough solar feature and atomic timekeeping is not included. As these features are more for the premium G-Shock pieces.

Some of my picks from their new releases shown on the gallery below. You gotta admit, the riche black scheme (New Garish Black) with negative LCDs on the new Riseman (GW-9200BW) and Gulfman (GW-9110BW) are such a treat to look at. Expect to see these pieces hit the stores soon. Check out the Japan page to see the whole new lineup for May.

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