The Big Watch Syndrome

The rise of what watch collectors like to call the 21st century golden age of watchmaking also marks the rise of the big watch syndrome. In today’s fashion standards, a 42mm case diameter watch is considered the bare minimum of what a man should wear, anything smaller are more or less relegated to the ladies. With the current industry standard of anything big is considered fashionable, and that a 45mm piece is now the norm for men’s watches. Pioneering them are IWC and Panerai. Both brands ever since the start of the first decade of the 21st century has already developed a cult following. Not in the scale of Rolex though but still a craziness for bigger timepiece that I have yet understood.

Regardless, the pieces they offer are  stunningly beautiful to look at, and as the craze goes on, IWC made a step even further by introducing bigger variants of their collection – like the Big Ingeneur or the Big Pilot, notice the word big was used in this context. Some pieces goes as big as 48mm like the Big Pilot Top Gun Miramar watch of 2012. The concept of anything bigger is better is still at large, although I would argue that the perfect timepiece size is still 39mm, the fashion industry would beg to differ. Whether we like it or not, big watches are here to stay. So unless your a vintage watch collector, you better start moving on to bigger pieces.


Check out the IWC and Panerai collection if you’re a big watch fan.


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