Caridi Gallery in North Miami, Florida

Art is described as using the gift of imagination to create aesthetic objects, environments, and/or experiences that can be shared with others. The meaning behind a particular piece is very subjective and can be interpreted in many different ways however; in order for art to be scrutinized and thus discussed, it must first be displayed in a welcoming medium. In the epicenter of North Miami, Florida, located across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), lies a small and quaint gallery that does just this. The Caridi Gallery is owned by Eduardo Caridi and is used primarily as a studio to create and display his artwork. But, besides just serving as a personal studio, the space doubles as a gallery for up and coming artists. Having the privilege of living not too far from the North Miami area, I was able to experience the gallery in the midst of an art exhibition.

Upon entering the studio, I was warmly greeted by Eduardo Caridi’s wife Stacey and Felicia Marangakis, the artist whose work was being displayed in the gallery. After asking Stacey a few questions about the history of the wonderful space, I had a chance to speak to Felicia in-depth about some of her vibrant artwork.  However, before getting the opportunity to speak to her, I noticed something about Felicia’s art I’ve never seen anywhere else. Rather than just conventionally painting on a flat canvas, the Costa Rica born artist sculpted and molded the canvas to her liking before picking up a brush. Aside from the vivacious colors, the added dimension of height gave some of the paintings the extra element needed to express what Felicia truly envisioned she explained. Felicia also credited a large part of her inspirations to the environment. By using beauty and color so much of us take for granted, she states she is able to create amazing art.

Bottles on the water

At times, more importance is given to a specific piece of art when the manner in which it’s displayed is equally as important. With the Caridi Gallery and similar art studios, it feels as if the environment not only enhances the art but is equivalent. For those interested in the art shown above created by Felicia Marangakis, more can be seen here. The prices range from $500-$4000 depending on the size of the piece. Also, art lovers in the North Miami area can visit Caridi Gallery website here for a list of upcoming events. Contact information for artist wanting to use the space for exhibition purposes is also available on their website.

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