Fancy X Street Market – How A Social Service Can Make Your Brand

Alright FN readers, I have an interesting article for you today. To understand the majority of it, you do need a bit of backstory first though. So, here it goes.

Some of you may be familiar with (Fancy) a social sharing website as such, which is very similar to Pinterest (despite Fancy being around well before Pinterest). However, Fancy, as is perhaps given away in the title, is full of expensive, luxurious items that most people would be envious of. Now, not everything on there is specifically reserved for the rich. No, sure, there may be ties for about $2000, but that’s besides the point. Amongst all expensive gear tends to be some “fancy” stuff for people with a realistic budget. Anything from desks, to canvases, clothing to cars. It can all be found on Fancy, and there is no doubt that within the first few minutes, you’ll already have a hefty backlog of items you want to buy!

Anyway, enough about Fancy themselves & more about this article. A few weeks back, I was looking through the first few pages of Fancy, checking up on what I had missed, and then I noticed that one name kept appearing rather frequently. The name was “Jason Lanzoni”, I clicked onto his account page and noticed he had uploaded quite a lot onto Fancy which other people had seemed interested in. After a little more research, I found that a lot of this was avaliable from his webstore “Street Market” (www.streetmarketstore.com). As I noticed that a lot of Street Market’s stock was on Fancy, I decided to email Jason to see if I could get some more info on how he started the store & whether or not he had some kind of agreement with Fancy. He replied swiftly. The information he gave me was not only incredibly intresting based on how he set up the store, but also how many more visitors being frequently featured on Fancy brought to his store.

Jason joined Fancy in January 2011, which was around the time he was considering opening a store. He just started “fancying” items from around the web that he liked & one of them was so popular it was featured on the front page. Jason emailed Joseph Einhorn, who runs Fancy & gave him some feedback & thanked them for the feature. Joesph emiled Jason back & they started conversing over the next few months. When Josph asked Jason what he did for a living, Jason replied that he had plans to open an online store.

When Jason opened Street Market in July 2011, Joseph was kind enough to feature one of Jason’s tee’s to help him get some exposure & sales. Joseph continued to feature Street Market items between July & the New Year. Early this June was the first time that Joseph had featured Jason’s stuff since January & Fancy has grown massive amounts since then. Street Market’s page views increased dramatically. Over May (before he was recently featured on the front page of Fancy), Street Market had 1500 unique visitors & 6000 page views. Since being featured on the front page of Fancy again, in the past 2 days Street Marker as had 1000 unique page visitors & 3400 page views. Yes, since being featured on the front page of Fancy, Street Market managed to attract over half of it’s past month’s unqiue visitors in 2 days. Quite an impressive feat.

Jason carried on to explain to me how he feels that as the web goes more mobile, services like Fancy can benefit people like Jason greatly. Fancy does many brand partner deals (such as one with Street Market) where if someone fancy’s something on Street Market, they are automatically emailed a discount for that item. It works both ways, Jason gets more exposure & the customer gets a discount. What more can you ask for?

Jason explained one of the main reasons he wanted to set up the store was to be able to sell fresh new apparel/art/accessoires from up and coming designers/artists/brands. Jason pointed out that sites such as (collette.fr) were a great inspiration. Jason just wants to offer new stuff on a rolling basis so that returning custromers will always know that everytime they visit the store there will be something new waiting for them.

I personally found the story rather inspiring, & I’ll certainly be picking up a canvas or two in the coming months. I think a service like Fancy is great for vendors and artists, because we all know how hard it can be to get your name out there on the vast World Wide Web. Take this as inspiration. If you have an idea, a dream, or anything you want to go for. The web can help, so, just go for it!

We’d like to thank Jason for taking the time to do this, and to make it up to him, you should check out Street Market for Jason’s wares & his Fancy for, well, things he has fancy’d!

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  1. super amazing… I like what I see in the store

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