Marc Jacobs Discusses, Smoking, Horrible Design and Art with German Interview


When young designers such as Marc Jacobs give interviews, it’s usually about how organic their design process is and how grateful they are for industry recognition. Which all may be true, but it doesn’t make for very exciting reading/watching sometimes. As designers become more established and successful, they tend to start becoming more unfiltered (Exhibit A: Karl Lagerfeld, exhibit B: Roberto Cavalli). And we suspect Marc Jacobs is joining their ranks.

German Interview caught up with Marc for an on-camera interview in which the designer is delightfully unedited about such things as how awesome smoking is, his former drug use, how he portrayed Victoria Beckham as a “product,” and not being proud of some of his more commercial designs.

Here are a few of his best quotes, but the whole thing is definitely worth a look. Click through to see.

  • On his favorite things: “Smoking’s the best! Smoking and sleeping are the two best things in the world.”
  • On the ad Juergen Teller shot with Victoria Beckham: “I said, ‘Let’s treat her like she’s a kind of product.’ Because she is, she’s created herself.”
  • On being a fat drug addict:“That was the stupidest thing I ever heard because first of all I was never a fat heroin addict, I was a skinny heroin addict, and I got over that luckily…I was fat when I stopped doing drugs, not while I was doing drugs. I don’t know anyone who’s fat when they’re doing drugs.”

Marc Jacobs DiscussesMarc Jacobs Discusses, Smoking, Horrible Design and Art with German Interview


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