Nitroglycerine Experiments on Zr012

Ever thought that every piece of watchmaking greatness is only secluded to the aspects of mechanical engineering in itself? In so far as, that any piece with electronics is not considered a luxury watch nor is it consider a haute horlogerie. Well, today I present to you something out of the norm, or simply something that is out of this world. A piece of micro-engineering that not only employs the wonders of mechanics, but also the nature of chemical substances. I present to you, the Experiment Zr012 by C3H5N3O9 or simply Nitroglycerine.

This is an entirely experimental timepiece that is co-developed by two of the most radical watchmakers of our generation – Max Büsser of MB&F and Felix Baumgartner. Although the concept may have come from them, the watch was designed by Max Büsser, Serge Kriknoff and Eric Giroud. A team that could put shame to any existing watchmakers of today.

Initial looks of the piece reminds us of the original Wankel engine used on automotive. The piece is powered by two rotating Reuleaux triangles that rotates on a complex epitrochroid motion rather than the standard circular motion. Each of the triangle are used to indicate the time, one for the hour at the bottom of the dial, and the other for the minute in quarter denominations (15, 30, 45, 60).  The triangles rotors are eccentric which means that they are not mount directly to the central pinion. A setup like this is considerably a work of a bonafide watchmaker, requiring skills and precision that only expert makers can do.

The Experiment Zr012 is made of Zirconium, which offers similar characteristics and properties of titanium and is highly resistant to corrosion. The lugs on the other hand are made of titanium and the entire piece measures at 55mm x 44mm excluding lugs. This is one heck of case if you ask me; one of the sole reason why a wrap design around the wrist is made to ensure comfort and stability.

The piece will only be limited to 12 pieces in Zirconium and 12 more in Rose Gold in the succeeding year. As expected, this is a piece only of the people who are truly into watchmaking greatness and whose pockets are deep enough to cover for such a piece. The price of which is a whopping 110,000 Swiss Francs.


Head on over to their website for more details, specifications of this marvel of an engineering.

Nitroglycerine Experiments on Zr012

Source: Monochrome


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