Sweet baby Jesus!! GSaints Swimwear has come down from the heavens!

Up and coming brand GSaints Swimwear enters spotlight in the apparel industry by differentiating itself from the pack with vibrant prints, saucy cuts, and breathtaking models headed by retail trained Edlyne Garcon and Tracy Saintil; you’re sure to lay next to their design this summer 2012.

With summer just right around the corner it’s needless to say many of you stylish women are looking for fashionable beach attire. Maybe a small update from the boring 2 piece you picked up from the leading department store 2 years ago? I’m talking about a chic collection whose pieces will leave you wide eyed, drooling, and craving for the designer’s next release. Suits bold enough to turn heads but affordable enough for the tasteful working class. Original pieces that are perfect in fit but also timeless in design. Women beach attire made with quality in mind rather than the quantity sold. The new swimwear brand that promises to soothe the needs of trend-setting woman around the world piece by piece is GSaints.

The up and coming company GSaints, run by two ambitious designers Edlyne Garcon and Tracey Saintil, was conjured up while both were working retail jobs at Bloomingdales. As the two worked, their hard working similarities along with the mutual love of fashion seem to draw the women closer to each other. However, aside from just building a close friendship, the two shared dreams of creating something special with their experience and talent. Finally, after observing and studying trends first-hand, the immensely creative ladies combined their contrasting views of fashion to create a swimsuit line that gives the game what it appears to be missing.

Having created a brand in a market saturated with designers, GSaints differentiates itself from the pack with electrifyingly vibrant prints and innovative cuts. Furthermore, GSaints prides itself on superior quality while keeping comfort a priority. Apart from making premium women bathing suits at a reasonable price, the swimsuit line also releases only limited quantities of each collection. By doing this GSaints designers not only reserve the uniqueness of each suit but also ensure buyers of sheer exclusiveness. Imagine owning a gorgeous 2 piece bathing suit in which only 100 exist. Feels great just thinking about it huh?

Although the release of the GSaints swimsuit line is still being anticipated, the company has somehow managed to create a buzz. The women of GSaints Swimwear gave the public a sneak preview of its sophisticated suits at the all-star weekend Eternal couture kickoff party at Dellagio Town Center in Orlando, Fl. After being so well received, along with its first collection and website’s official release a few short days away, the women of GSaints have decided NOW is the time to take it to the next level.

So, Friday June 22, 2012 at Club 50 Viceroy in Brickell, FN Magazine will be partnering up with GSaints to throw the biggest swimwear launch party of the summer. This party will be the world premiere of GSaints swimwear Dream collection (TRANSLATION: Sexy women in even sexier bathing suits!!!!). Besides the FREE entry, food specials, and half priced beverages, 99jamz radio personality Felisha Monet will be hosting the show with intense live performances by singer Guyana. Also, to get all of you stylish women in the swing of summer FN Magazine will be giving away one of GSaints most popular suits Censored. Below are links giving more details about the launch party, the GSaints Swimwear brand, and bathing suit giveaway.

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