10Deep Summer 2012 Lookbook

Over that past few years the male apparel brands such as 10Deep have been completely oblivious to the fact that women who love the male designs love them exactly the way they are. Though sneakerhead women in the latest Jordan’s isn’t really my taste, it still doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy. In this latest edition, 10Deep worked with my secret crush Jasmine Solano. She of course has an appreciation for a dope pair of kicks just as much as 4 inch stilettos.

For this summer the illustrious 10Deep showed the women some love by styling some of their summer pieces on non other than my future wife the DJ, Rapper and Mistress of Ceremonies, Jasmine Solano

Check out the Look-book and some of the behind the scene shot I was able to get my hands on.

If you like them enough to buy shop here.

8 thoughts on “10Deep Summer 2012 Lookbook

  1. Steph says:

    So happy to see my favourite brands taking more notice of the ladies! I wish we could see more XS sizes in stock though…apparel often goes up to XL and XXL but not often the other way round.

  2. Female Giant says:

    You bring up a very good point that women like to wear men’s clothing JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. I don’t always want my shit synched, studded, or covered with some girly floral design. When I want to surface my inner boss, I look to guys clothing, when my inner lady comes out to play, thats when I look to the synchs, studs, and floral prints. Hope more brands catch on to this unisex mentality and start making more s, xs sizes. Check out our blog post about 10 Deep’s Lady Lovin’ here….http://femalegiant.com/2012/07/16/10-deep-loves-the-ladies/

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