5 Best Kicks for the Olympics

The summer London Olympics are slated to start in a little less than a month. We thought now would be the perfect time to compile a list of what we feel are the perfect shoes for the occasion. So scroll down and see the 5 best Olympic related kicks.


5. Jordan Retro Olympic VII

These sevens were released in 2004 and hailed as the Olympics because they emulate Jordan’s jersey when he played on the dream team. They feature a blue tongue with red and gold accents throughout.



4. Nike Sportsware Olympic pack
This collection is composed of both a low and high Air Force, and a high dunk. Each sneaker features  a different color of the flag all with USA on the tongue.




4. Jordan Retro Olympic VI

If you keep an eye out for kicks, even in the slightest you have most likely seen these bad boys. Originally released in 2000 for the summer Olympics, Jordan and Nike have decided to re-release these very popular sixes. The navy and white base with red accents are surely to get a lot of looks this Olympic season. They were released this past Saturday and sold out but check eBay if interested.




2. Nike Dunk Olympic Gold

These high dunks are definitely an attention getter. The dunk is all metallic gold with a black accent on the sole. The pack also contains a metallic silver and bronze, but as the adage goes, if you’re not first your last.




1.Jordan Retro VI Olympic Flag

The Olympic rings with colors: red, blue, green, and yellow are all accented throughout this retro with an all white base. The black tongue adds a perfect contrast to make the Olympic color way really pop. These originally hit stores in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics.


17 thoughts on “5 Best Kicks for the Olympics

  1. Isaiah Shelton says:

    Definitely going to cop those Olympic 7s when they re-release at the end of this month. Jordan has the best Olympic sneakers, hands down!

  2. Chandler Volel says:

    I agree with you Isaiah about the 7’s, they are a must cop. Only problem I have is Jordan keeps on re-release them. Takes away from the exclusiveness and for sneakerheads that equals -__-

  3. Yea but sneakerheads still be throwing their salary at all the J’s

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