Feature: On Set With Velous

The artist and producer Velous has been making a lot of musical moves this year, from doing a tour with Fred The Godson to working with Red Cafe and MTV Super Sweet Sixteener Lea Robinson. I got a chance to interview the up-and-coming singer-songwriter on set of Lagato Shine featuring Mistah FAB and Velous ‘Martin and Gina.’

Tell us about yourself! Who is Velous.

“I’m a singer, rapper, music producer, song writer, and a multi instrumentalist.”

So what kind of song is [‘Martin and Gina’], what’s the feel?

“Its definitely a record for the ladies, it’s a nice pop record with a real gutter drum beat… you know”

What are we expecting to see from the video?

“You’re gonna see a lot of beautiful woman, you’re gonna see Lagato getting his swag on, you’re gonna see me keeping it swanky and just, you know, a lot of trends. Gotta keep up with fashion, you know”

So we hear you say “dey know” and we also hear “swanky,” what is that?

“Swanky is a label I’m involved with, and Dey Know came about, its more like my slogange …’’

That’s pretty cool! How did you guys end up collaborating?

“Actually I got hit up through my manager Cuz. He hit me up and said they got this track ‘Martin and Gina’ which came out on the mixtape but they asked me if I wanted to produce the track a bit… So I kinda remixed it a little bit, added some new instrumentals. Then I came out and sung the hook myself and then I sent it back to them and Lagato really liked it.“

Where can we find your music?

“Twitter @Velousmusic , Tumblr… velousmusic.tumblr.com”

Any one you’d like to thank?

“I don’t wanna –I’m gonna thank people in general because I don’t want to leave certain people out… But I just want to shout out to swanky everyone in my home town rocking out with me and everyone that’s working with me …Most importantly I just want to thank god.”

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