Instagram Brought to Life with Lomography

Can’t eat a meal without documenting and uploading it? Have hundreds of people seen your newest lipstick shade?  Let’s face it: Instagram has become a way of life. Unfortunately all those pictures ultimately end up in internet oblivion. If you want to create something a bit more sustaining without creating a darkroom in your room, look no further than Lomography.

The inspiration for Instagram, Lomography (derivative of analog photography), and the various Lomo cameras celebrate lo-fi haziness and the imperfections found in photography. Lomo cameras use standard 35 mm and 120 format film and produce unique pictures with each snap, and can be developed at your closest photo developing location.

Lomo cameras can be found in Urban Outfitters but why not check out their website to check out a wide range of accessories, tips, galleries, and ways to join the Lomo community all over the world.  Register online and save up to 50% on Lomography items until July 29th.



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