Mobile Skate Shop? Yes!

A long hot summer day, out with friends, relaxing in a Spanish influenced corner store (don’t ask). As I argue over buying “Naked” or “Tropica” the Brooklyn skaters and sneaker heads bust through.

Naturally now my attention, as well as my friends,  is pulled towards all the skate decks laying in front of us. Of course, now we need to argue over if thats a skateboard or a cruiser. Well, we were interrupted, but both correct.

The young skater who interrupted was the owner of Tre Truck, which is New York City’s first mobile skateboard shop. From my understanding the first ever mobile skate shop, going wherever there is skateboarding throughout the boroughs! Carrying over 30 brands selected by seasoned professionals, stocked with a selection of the best boards, components, protective gear and snacks! For those who read my last post on shredding  on boards know, i gave up awhile ago, but the idea caught my interest!

With stores, makeup commercial trailers now even restaurants becoming mobile… it only left me to wonder, whats next?

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