Phillip Lim Spring 2013 Menswear

The ideal vacation for a large portion of Americans, Brazil is well-known to house the second-largest population of Japanese in the world. The concentration of that society and culture clash appealed to Phillip Lim for his Spring 2013 Menswear Collection. He ravaged deep into the Japanese and Brazilian traditions to find what he described as “Nipo-Brasileiro sub-cultures.” While there he immersed himself into Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, which when tied into the Asian martial arts Jacki-Chan portrays flawlessly seems to be depicted something closer to street fighting. “It’s born from make-do and the ghettos,” Lim said in an interview backstage after his show; which he kicked off with an witty poem he called “Street Fight.” (Fitting isn’t it…) He clarified his statement with the following: “I wanted this character that was street stylers—fighters with hustler swagger. You’re born from nothing, and you use clothes to get somewhere.”

Honestly, that’s sounds more like a lengthier bullshit explanation for the wide-legged karate pants which isn’t really needed.

Obviously while the worlds media and publishing companies damn near demands every collection come with a back-story for the designers inspiration. I feel that to often the story they come up with can sometimes distract from the overall impact of an already amazing collection without the verbal bull-hype.

Anyways basically Phillip Lim Spring 2013 Menswear Collection gained huge points from after examining the total quality in materials and concepts, what I’m waiting for is what the major chains store wil do with the zip-off panels, printed canvas pants, and ninja pants/shorts that mess so well together. On a different note I personally love cardigans, blazers, and shorts so this collections pieces will definitely by a large contribution for next years commercial trends to hit the malls.

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Photos from: Marcus Tondo / GoRunway.com

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