size? Apparel 2012 Lookbook

The UK based men’s apparel supplier has released details of the second instalment in their size? branded Summer 2012 collection. But do you see the benefit?

I really can’t make my mind up about this. Size?’s newest addition to their huge portfolio of 80+ global streetwear names is a collection of their own branded apparel with the aim of providing ‘classic variation’ to your wardrobe this summer.

On the surface of things, the delivery of a premium quality set of staple garments for this season – covering everything from basic pocket tees to chino shorts and two-tone jackets – seems like a nice gesture, especially with such an accessible price tag. The lookbook uses red and green backdrops to focus wholly on the clothing and gives a friendly nod to 2012’s big-hitters such as Norse Projects by utilising some great colour blocks.

Nevertheless, for those who choose to steer away from high street chains, there isn’t exactly anything new to see here. Size? straddles the boundary between independent brands and the mainstream market in a way that will always leave a sour taste in some mouths. By releasing a collection that doesn’t seem to do much other than reproduce a lot of ‘on trend’ items at a cheaper price, it’s unlikely that they will be converting the pessimists any time soon.

The jury is out on this one. Are size? catering for an important gap in the market, or do you see this as a way of cashing in for themselves?

Check out the full lookbook below, and click here for a more detailed individual look at the size? collection.

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  1. Chandler Volel says:

    Every clothing brand has its place whether its be amongst the pinnacle of fashion creativity or the depths of a dying trend.

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