The Fancy: A Better Conversation

Some say that the most intelligent people are those who know at least something about everything. In many universities, a General Education requirment is set to establish a sense of well-roundedness for students, exposing them to information outside their immediate interests through a variety of classes. Many students find this helpful, if not until later in life when a dinner conversation all of a sudden becomes easier as both parties competently cover a diverse range of topics.

Social photo sharing site, The Fancy manifests this theory of better conversation for it’s users, allowing them to connect via shared interests and things they may simply stumble upon as intriguing. Considering itself as “part store, blog, magazine, and wish list” The Fancy is a haven for anyone who enjoys the better things in life. When browsing within the blogosphere or any other site and finding something that wets the palate a bit, a few clicks allows ‘”fanciers” to select an image, describe it, then add it to their personal feeds where it’s automatically linked back to the page where it was found.

Perhaps the neatest feature of the site is the ability to purchase the items you fancy. When scrolling over images, users will find that many items have attached prices so that knowing exactly how much something costs and where to purchase it requires no further research. From vacation spots to gun shaped egg fryers, The Fancy literally puts a world of aestheticism at our fingertips and illustrates how things such as class and gender do not always determine one’s taste.

With artists like Kanye West already getting fancy, it seems the site only has room for getting better and drawing more attention. The Pinterest competitor prides itself in providing the best deals on the flyest things imaginable, which means users are no longer browsing in spontaneity, but are also shopping with specific goals in mind. Whether you visit from a laptop or browse The Fancy’s user-friendly Phone or iPad apps, it’s perhaps safe to say that the main goal is not to spend money, but instead provide an opportunity to join the conversation.


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