Artist: Anthony J. Thomas “TheBedStuyDandy”

Anthony J. Thomas, also known as TheBedStuyDandy, may only be 21, but he’s on the move to make his mark in the art world. The Brooklyn based artist has just begun his art journey and after only 6 months of painting, he has gained a nice backing. His collegiate minor in art history seems to have been the spark of his new endeavors. “My work pays homage to the old ‘masters’ of Modern Art. I take contemporary ideas, from an African American male perspective and channel those ideas through the concepts and techniques of the masters. My first painting, AfricaInAmerica, pays homage to modern artist, Jasper Johns,” he tells us. In his work, you will find strong influences from Salvador Dali, Basquiat, Kehinde Wiley and African history.

Notably, as seen in the center of the image above, Thomas has done an American Flag AfricaInAmerica piece which displays eleven stripes. The stripes each represent the most impoverished African American populated cities in the United States. Its mixed media contains acrylic denim, rubber, glass and plastic. There doesn’t seem to be a material that he isn’t afraid to utilize.

After beginning his most recent project, AfricaInAmerica, only a month ago, he plans to venture into other creative industries such as film and art. In such a short time, his collaborations and credits include works with Carisa A. Bledsoe, Howard D. Borden, Amanda Spruill and Jonathan Gardenhire, all NY artists like himself. His work has been featured throughout the Bedford-Stuyvesant area at multiple venues and more listings can be found at his personal site and blog: thebedfordstuyvesantdandy.com

Though just beginning, Thomas is well on his way to be more than a painter, but a well-rounded creator and certainly worth keeping tabs on.

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