Behind the Brand: Arianne Brown DESIGNER of RAMONA LARUE

Arianne Brown of Ramona LarueSome people are born with the most beautiful presence. Regardless of the struggles they encounter throughout life, they contain the strength and inner wisdom that allows them to seize the good, and embrace life more powerfully than ever before. This was the life of Ramona LaRue, as she lived and learned alongside her daughter, Arianne Brown. Ramona, a native Texan, and her children, Arianne and Michael, went along on life’s journeys together – Ramona teaching her children about art and creativity, her love of silk painting and, most importantly, about living true to themselves. She felt that being an individual, a unique spirit, was foremost when fulfilling one’s gifts upon this earth. So proud Ramona must be of her only daughter, Arianne, who fully represents her mother’s love of all things one-of-a-kind.

Arianne Brown was born and raised in the artsy Coconut Grove area, during an era that would come to be defined as ”the hippie days.” Growing up, Arianne watched her artist mother sell original pieces for next to nothing to make ends meet, and learned her mother’s craft solely through keen awareness and observation. All that she learned from her mother’s
love of silk, artistic nature and vision of color shines fiercely through each of Arianne Brown’s individual, wearable pieces. Her line, RaMona LaRue, reflects not only Arianne’s love for her mother, Ramona, but her passion for nature and animals. Her very first piece, “Horse,” represents Arianne’s love of animals and shows her passion for all life and remains one of her bestsellers to this day. Arianne takes great pride in representing her roots, and showing how life’s devastating moments can be turned into a true gift of passion with which to create beauty. Arianne’s gift of seeing the beauty in life is evident, as she hand-paints and shapes each of her unique designs, transforming them into wearable art.

Arianne’s French and American Indian background contributes to the serenity that flows from her inner self like water, and graced her with beauty that led to a successful and well-respected modeling career. Arianne traveled the world, jumping between cities such as New York, Milan, Miami and Seville. During her decade spent living in Seville, Arianne became fluent in Spanish and was exposed to the natural beauty of the hacienda where she lived – all while mastering her trade and earning a solid reputation within the industry.

A year after losing mother, Ramona, to cancer, Arianne finally found the strength to open up a chest she had left behind –the final remnant of her best friend. That day, the object Arianne initially viewed as a symbol of her pain and torment turned into a treasure. Inside, she found a trove of painted silks, her mother’s paints and brushes, and other works. Though Arianne Brown was born a creative spirit, she feels it was this very moment that compelled her to complete herself through art. With her mother’s paints in hand, Arianne began creating from her heart. Although painting was new to her, she had mastered other trades – designing one-of-a-kind backgammon tables and other pieces that she had sold professionally for some time. She knew that the flow and sense of peace that came over her as she painted was a gift passed down from her mother, a thought that gave her comfort in times of artistic release. Born of this realization was RaMona LaRue, a clothing line named after her mother and dedicated to the bond between mother and daughter bond that all women long for. In life, gains are sometimes born through loss. In this case, Arianne has gained in spades.

Each of Arianne’s designs is rooted through her joined love of mother, daughter and nature, and then brought to life through her natural gift of artistry and creation. Because Arianne had never painted (or even sewn) a piece prior to her loss, her talent is all the sweeter to enjoy. Arianne Brown uses the finest silks and craftsmanship during construction, incorporating a cut that allows all body types to “rock it to the fullest.” Her innate gift for color shines in each piece, giving wearers a glimpse of her unbridles talent. Once the artwork is created, Arianne Brown hand-paints the design using watercolor on silk, forming a yin and yang bond that dances when worn. This sexy, girly-girl, Bohemian line brings out a sense of cool confidence anyone would love to exude, day or night. Arianne’s brilliance in design lies in her knowledge of the female body, a flash of genius shown in her items’ sexy simplicity. The RaMona LaRue line was created for real women who choose to celebrate life in color, and dedicated with love to all the great women of the world who dare to wear it.

RaMona LaRue is on a fast track to stardom, highly sought-after by many fans of her wear. High-end department stores and well-known specialty stores, such as Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols, Fred Segal, Planet Blue, Kitson and Atrium, have sold out her pieces time and time again, quickly placing her designs in high demand. Arianne currently shows her line at her Design District studio in Miami, as well as in her Los Angeles showroom. RaMona LaRue continues to grow, filling orders worldwide, and can be reached by visiting the company website at www.ramonalarue.com.

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