BMW Zagato Roadster

Unlike many production builds, the BMW Zagato was constructed in a mere six weeks- spawning quickly from concept drafts to a working concept. The Zagato roadster was unveiled August 17th, 2012 at the Pebble Beach Concour’s d’Elegance three months after the premier of the initial coupe edition.

Zagato, a time-tested Milanese coach builder headed by CEO, Andrea Zagato- has continued the collaborative experience since the early 1920’s.

Energized by the Zagato coupe’s positive reaction- Senior Vice President Adrian Van Hooydonk of BMW Group Design & Andrea Zagato- foresaw fortune in pursuing another tier within their driving collaboration.

Van Hooydonk explains, “it was only the expertise of both companies in the manufacture of high-end one-off cars and another display of outstanding teamwork were we able to finish the car on schedule.”

The incredible deadline feat was encouraged by all design teams- allowing submission into the renowned Pebble Beach Concour’s event.

The incredible deadline effort comes with semi-ease, being that BMW specializes in streamlined, micro series vehicles with the abilities of a sports machine.

The peanut buttered two-seater with a Signature, Zagato ‘Double Bubble’ soft top scalp & masculine accents- sets off an exceptional convertible.

The vehicle also features a low-set kidney grill that exposes the intricate ‘Z’ patterned grating.

From statements made by both companies- keeping both parties within the dichotomy refined- proved beneficial for the collaboration.

No details have been released regarding the convertibles power train. (Though experts suspect the Z4’s most powerful engine, a 335 -Bhp, turbo charged inline 6 cylinder.)

Expect more information in the near future outlining production dates.




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