Kanye West As New American Idol Judge?

With the X Factor buzzing of success in the states, American Idol are taking the judging panel to a new level. There have been rumours that Kanye West is having discussions with the producers about being a new American Idol judge, which is very uncharacteristic for the cool and edgy rapper. Perhaps his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian is starting to rub off on him. Or perhaps, more likely, the sum of $18 million printed on a pay cheque sounds rather appealing to West. However sources report he is still on the fence.

Other rumoured judges for the show are Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, Enrique Iglesias, and Niki Minaj, which Mariah Carey, according to TMZ is not happy about and hung up the phone when she was told Minaj would have a seat on the judging panel.

Is this a good move for Kanye? Share your thoughts below.Kanye West American Idol Judge

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