Video: “Watch the Throne” Documentary

Video: “Watch the Throne” Documentary

It’s been a year since Watch the Throne was released, and it’s still being talked about. Now, thanks to a documentary that’s recently appeared, the collaborative album between hip-hop icons Jay-Z and Kanye West, will continue to be a topic of discussion.

Filmed by Robert Lopuski the documentary captures an assortment of moments. From recording in the studio, to Russell Crowe hanging out with the gang and even receiving an in-song shoutout, the short film provides a look into Watch the Throne’s world.

Although West and Jay were hesitant at first, both eventually hopped onboard with Lopuski’s idea. “It wasn’t until Kanye and I built a rapport on the side that I think he started becoming interested in having me around,” said Lopuski in an interview with Paradigm Magazine.

Check out the documentary and try not to cry when West presents Jay with an engraved ring for his birthday.


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