Event Recap: iLike Market @ Family Business

This generation coming up has a lot to contend with. Thus far we’re the generation that was raised on cell phones, the Internet, and Sponge-bob. We also have to contend with a hellish job market that will leave most of us unmarried and house-less well into adulthood. So what do unemployed-internship-20-somethings do when the going gets tough? We get weird.

The premise was simple. We have a green screen, come do stuff. I can never resist an open-call especially not one in the heart of Chelsea.

Future artists came down to Family Business’s iLike Market to try to sell something on camera. Personally I opted to ransom the Internet on video, but my mock-kidnapping tape devolved into a rendition of Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold.

After the taping I was invited to the closing ceremonies where there would be more performances. I was hoping for snacks, maybe a cake. Instead I got a lot of group therapy that I honestly did not see coming.

A young lady invited wandering souls into the gallery to sit on the floor crisscross applesauce style. I was transported back to kindergarten and the therapist in her brow line glasses sternly insisted we divulge our most depressing secrets. Amidst her terrifying death stare I divulged that sometimes music makes me feel like I’m in love. Others blurted out equally dreadful and sometimes cryptic truths about their big noses, dead grandmothers and ex-lovers.

Soon it was dark and we were invited back outside to find a row of toys in the street and a man with a machete. He invited us to destroy an object that held meaning for us. Sparks flew as stuffed puppies and cheerleading trophies were smashed and decapitated on the pavement.

Amid a barely visible full moon a young Turkish boy was transformed into a werewolf letting out a digitally synthesized howl as the night came to a close.

As this next generation inherits the earth perhaps they will take the entire country on a kind of spirit journey. I really cannot wait.





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